15 Easter Themed Fundraising Ideas for Schools

If your organization is looking for customizable items, they will find them here. The shop’s best sellers include wall-hanging photo tiles, eco-friendly kitchen items, and an essential gift wrap pack. Unique and thoughtful designs ensure Charleston Wrap will deliver that personal touch for shoppers. Get in touch with local schools about potentially sponsoring a pep rally for the upcoming sports season. Create a list of school-related items for students to track down, like highlighters, rubber erasers, or even an apple.
One of the best and easiest ideas for fund raising for a Band that we’ve come across, is the Discount Card Fundraiser. Fundraising incentives can range from individual prizes and rewards to class parties and outrageous stunts by the principal. What’s right for your students and your school will depend on your school’s culture, fundraising goals and budget. Additionally, all of our fundraising brochures will work for all kinds of schools and grade levels.
Made with real Cane Sugar & Sea Salt, the Sweet Chaos Kettle Corn fundraiser is a buttery taste with just the right amount of sweetness. Our kernels are GMO-free and hand-popped in coconut oil, yielding a creamy, rich flavor. Click “START THIS FUNDRAISER NOW” below the fundraiser of your choice. Just suppose you teamed up with a local winery in your community and had a wine tasting party! We hope you enjoy this essential guide to raising money for libraries. A matching gift drive leverages the underutilized power of corporate philanthropy to bring in more funding for your organization.
Sponsors may choose to pledge a certain amount per step, mile, or day of reaching their goal. Maybe that’s getting pied in the face, sitting in a dunk tank, or dressing up like a chicken — the possibilities are endless. The more extravagant the challenge, the more motivated players will be to bring in donations. You never know, one of those balls could be worth millions one day!
Invite proud alums back to their alma mater to see what’s new. Make them feel special with an alumni night for graduates within your fraternity or sorority and their families. You could also host a dinner, a brunch, or a fundraising gala at a ticketed price that helps them give back to a cause that was once near and dear to them. Partner with other Greek life organizations at your college or university to host a carnival. Have each organization build a booth, game, or activity to lighten the load and build a fun event for people to attend. The best part is when organizations come together as school community members.
Guests can donate money to your school and all of the money will go toward your fundraising goal. Why not create a time capsule and bury it underground in an outdoor area of your school property? Parents can pay to include a message from their child in the time capsule and participate in this unique event.
As one of the most popular, traditional fundraising events, you’re sure to draw in a crowd looking for an inexpensive car wash for a good cause. If your team is composed of older athletes, including middle- and high-schoolers, consider hosting a youth sports camp to raise funds for the team. Best of all, this fundraising strategy can be adapted to fit any event-a-thon type fundraiser for your team, including a walk/run/jog-a-thon, dance-a-thon, or bike-a-thon! It’s a great way to keep kids active while raising money for your sports team at the same time. There is no up front cost and ABC Fundraising® will design a custom order-taker brochure with YOUR TEAM LOGO on the brochures. fundraising schools is another one of the fundraisers we like to call “NO-RISK ORDER TAKERS” because there really is no risk in losing any money when doing this type of fundraiser.
If your school has tennis or badminton courts, put them to good use as a part of your school’s fundraising. A favorite of any animal lover, spend a day with your students washing dogs of pedestrians walking their dogs. Depending on the scale of your planned carnival, you will need to rent attractions like rides and entertainers, and set up game booths and food stands. You can even have students volunteer to man each attraction. Give parents and students the honor of having a part of your school named after them.
These classic school fundraisers tend to be among the simplest and most reliable ideas for PTO fundraising, especially when your organization gets the broader community involved. As an example sell discount cards and earn a profit on each one. You can either sell a buy one get one free dinner card or maybe a buy 6 oil changes and get the 7th free. There are starving businesses in your community that would be happy to create an offer for your booster club. As part of this challenge, students are sponsored for spending time away from all of their devices (phones, laptops, iPads). This isn’t only unique school fundraiser, but also a fantastic way to get students spending time outdoors.
You can also sell these items at any school events you host during the holiday season. A scavenger hunt can be a great school fundraising idea for any age. Depending on the age of the participants, you can make the scavenger hunt simple and keep it to a small area, or you can involve the whole community in a larger hunt. You can charge a fee for each family to have their picture taken. You can also sell prints and digital copies of the pictures. This is a great way to get people to support your school and raise money at the same time.